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Expectation is the root of all heartache.
Shakespeare  (via clumsiest)
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I am an actual loser.

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— Annie Dillard

Myself included

… we love each other like poppy and recollection,
we sleep like wine in the conches,
like the sea in the moon’s blood ray.
from the poem, 'Corona' by Paul Celan. Translated by Michael Hamburger and Christopher Middleton. (via elucipher)
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(noun) Psychology. Paracosm is an extremely rare word defining the imaginary world constructed in one’s mind, specifically by children. It is an infinite fantasy, anything can exist from animals to aliens and entities foreign to outsiders. Anything is possible in this fantasy milieu, one has their own language, experience, geography and history. Paracosm is usually developed as a result of high creativity, problem-solving, and others theorize: high intelligence.  (via miss-catastrofes-naturales)
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I want to be pretty
I want to be skinny
I want to be an over-achiever
I need to work hard
I need to forget about everything else
Just me
And my work
And that’s it

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I am alive. I am here. I am trying. That is enough.
words you should recite while having an anxiety attack.  (via jappan)
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